UI/UX Modernization

Replatforming : Leverage solution experts to help craft the ideal user experience for your application or Modernize solution architectures to reinvent business models!

A good application is all about experience!

Today 80% of product companies are looking to re-platform their products. This leads to many complexities around the cost they can invest, time to market, and whether they can support enhancements to older versions in parallel with developing and migrating customers to the new version. The emergence of new & smarter devices has also put a question on legacy user interfaces to meet the expectations to be highly responsive, intuitive, elegant and faster.

The fast moving technology has put a challenge on legacy systems to catch up on modernizing the interfaces or to lose the competitive edge. AyanWorks offers expertise in modernizing the user interface using technology stack and frameworks that are the benchmark. We have a smart team of experts that are well versed and experienced in modern UX frameworks such as React JS and Aurelia Framework.

Our Offerings

User Experience Consulting

Our Technology Evangelists evaluate your current systems to understand your pain points against the business objectives, upcoming market trends and customer expectations. Our Advanced Technology Group provides recommendations on:

  • Upgrades and changes to the existing technology platform/migration to newer platforms
  • Re-defining the Solution Architecture
  • Efficient Migration and Adoption Strategies

Front End Modernization

AyanWorks technology modernization services help to drive business value while reducing costs. Our technology modernization services include:

  • Migration of existing applications/components to newer technologies to build modular and scalable components
  • Platform Migration to allow enhanced flexibility and easier maintenance

Information Architecture

Architecture modernization brings software agility and influences the way software engages with the customer and provides a superior digital experience. At AyanWorks, we help in the following areas of architecture modernization:

UI Modernization

Aspire’s Digital Customer Experience solutions provide dynamic, user-centric experiences through effective information architecture, user and device aware layout, content contextualization and personalization enabling effective customer engagement.

Technologies We Leverage

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