Outsourced Product Engineering

Go to market faster with our outsourced product development services - Count on us to win the game

The modern-day economy is all about providing superior customer experience! Customer demands are changing and increasing with every passing day.
Continuous evolution in the midst of uncertainties is a major challenge for companies.


Focus on your core business by delegating the hassle of software development and maintenance to specialists. From concept to design to development, AyanWorks brings expertise across the value chain and provides resource elasticity, ensuring a truly agile and responsive development process.

Whether you’re supplementing an existing product portfolio or working on entirely new innovations, we work seamlessly with in-house teams to deliver state-of-the-art, sustainable products that stand the test of time and innovation.

Why it’s a great idea to go for outsourced software product development?

Leverage new digital technologies and gain access to global talent pool

A good software development outsourcing company will not only have expertise in the frontend, backend, cloud or testing technologies and tools but also have resources that remain abreast with the latest technological advancements.

Technology and product road-mapping

Product or technology road-mapping is critical and also one of the most challenging aspects of development. A software product development service company enables companies to develop a roadmap focusing on the user story, epics, high-level features and align their vision with technology.

Minimize development costs

Hiring and training resources, along with having the required software, skills, resources and tools for the development of the product may involve huge investments and time period. With outsourced product development, these costs are mostly taken care by the vendor.

Accelerate time to market

A reliable outsourcing partner can help accelerate time to market by following the Agile methodology, CICD and rapid application development frameworks.


Customized services around product development enable a more efficient and effective product, tailored to the user’s needs.

User Experience

Designing products for an engaging experience, enhanced customer satisfaction, improved brand perception and increased conversion rates.

Custom Development

Customized development of more than 200 business critical web and mobile applications with our design-led engineering approach in the outsourced model.

Automated Testing

Continuous application testing using manual approach and automation tools for bug free delivery.


Building tailored, captivating and intuitive mobile solutions to provide a delightful user experience.

Technologies We Leverage

We work on various technologies and have in-depth expertise on leading DevOps tools, JS frameworks and other cutting edge technologies

Product Development Approach



Discovery involves research and workshops to establish a clear vision and direction of the end product.

This phase may vary from 1 day to 1 week depending on the complexity and size of the problem.



The Initiation tasks are kicked off during the discovery workshops itself.

The key objective is to prepare ourselves by setting up various environments, processes, and ways of working between engineering team and the clients.



One of the most important aspects of any project that we execute is iterative development model.

Each sprint is executed like a complete delivery cycle where all the phases including analysis, design, development, testing and deployment are executed.



Continuous evolution & maintenance of working software is a key part of our approach which facilitates the continued success of the product being developed.

Team Management Practices

While outsourced software product development is increasing, there are also challenges that companies face pertaining to managing teams. Key challenges include miscommunication, limited flow of information, trust issues, timezone and language differences and more. Some of the practices that we follow to manage our teams include regular sprint planning and continuous communication with customers and team members using audio/video conferencing. We also undertake regular meetings between product owners, scrum and project managers, in-person or virtually to ensure all dependencies and timelines are met .

We Practise AGILE

Daily Standups among project teams

Two way communication with clients using latest audio/video conferencing systems

Overlap of at least 2 hours with client’s timezone

Joint retrospective with the stakeholders

Regular co-location

Sprint Planning

Scrum of Scrums

Mid-Sprint and End-Sprint Demos

Regular progress tracking through project management tools

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