Outsourced Product Engineering

shutterstock_120649363-compressedWe understand that your Product Idea is something very close to your heart and has huge potential for your business to grow. It is unprecedented that product has to be fast to come in reality; has to be highly reliable, relevant, faster to cope with changing ecosystem. We know and value that ultimately it is your dream that you want someone to own and bring to reality. We respect passion; we share the spirit and strive for higher quality.

Our team chases the latest technology to build best of the bread products for you. As a true partner in this journey, our cost effective solutions combined with your vision and dream, help you to beat competition, gain faster time-to-market and reduce their initial investment in-terms of time, money and effort.


We know that any solution must be: Robust » Scalable » Secure » SaaS

In today’s cut throat competitiveness, enterprises and businesses are keen to focus on their core businesses, delegating the hassle of software development and maintenance to specialists. AyanWorks assures to be a trusted offshore product development partner. Throughout the tenure of our relationship with clients, we offer them a valuable technological partner and consultant with unparalleled experience in product engineering.

Businesses such as Independent software vendors (ISVs), software product development organizations including startupsare under constant pressure to upgrade and widen product offerings, augment internal skills and capabilities, accelerate product development and reduce product costs. Outsourcing this work to OPD helps them in freeing their valuable resources from development and concentrating on their core activities.

Our core focus areas and capabilities include:

  • Product Conceptualization
  • Product Architecture Consulting
  • Product Design and Implementation
  • Product Maintenance and Support
  • Product Migration and re-engineerin

Working with our passionate and cross-functional teams in an agile environment guarantees “no surprises“, greater value, higher success rate, reduced cost and accelerated product to market.