Blockchain Solutions

f6a4d6d88694cd94ebeed10a4952fe63Be part of the revolution and the most disruptive age of the century. Blockchain Solutions is being looked as Second Advent of the Internet which has huge potential to impact the entire socio-economic ecosystem.

AyanWorks team is building expertise in Blockchain Technology and investing in innovation and building Proof-of-Concepts.

Blockchain has already proven to be the face lift of future. At AyanWorks, we have constant stint to invest into innovations and building next-gen solutions. How could we stay away from this futuristic disruptive technology?

We are working on building proof of concept that could potentially give solution to some of the pressing challenges. Few such PoCs that we are doing are –

  • Bring transparency in copyright and royalty distribution for the Media & Entertainment Industry.
  • Integrated Blockchain based solution for seamless payments across India using modern NPCI UPI platform with Bitcoin & Ethereum as a Cryptocurrency. This solution is targeted for merchants as well as consumers.
  • Document authentication and verification platform that certifies the legitimacy of any document ranging from birth certificates, educational certificates, land registry to multi million contracts.